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India, the country, where culture echoes, traditions speak and diversity delights is a land of magnificent monuments and where Taj Mahal, is only one of the historical wonders. India, the land of culture and heritage. Tourism in India has shown a phenomenal growth from its distant past.

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Ayurvedic Treatment Package

The Ayurvedic Facial:
To prepare for the Ayurvedic Facial experience; bring a list of beauty products you are presently using, and; Ayurveda Medical Tourismarrange for a wash or shower and blow dry due to the large amount of oil used in the scalp treatment. If you want to leave the oil in the hair, bring a hairpin or hat. If you have dandruff or blemishes, bring your own hairbrush.

For The Vata Face:
This rejuvenating therapy addresses: aging, dryness, dehydration, stressed and tired skin, using a blend of herbal masques and essential oils from India. The skin is cleansed and toned with 3 types of rejuvenating massage, including Marma therapy for scalp, neck and shoulders.

For The Pitta Face:
This purifying therapy treats toxicity, redness and sensitivity. The skin is purged using cooling and cleansing herbal formulas from India. The face is cleaned, toned and detoxified. This treatment is especially good for psoriasis, excema, rosasia, acne, and hyper-sensitivity.

For The Kapha Face:
This deluxe therapy addresses the symptoms of both Vata and Pitta faces. This customized experience is for combination skin. The face is cleansed, toned, steamed, extracted, stimulated, calmed, cooled, purified, and rejuvenated.
Ayurveda Body Treatments
The Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment For Vatta, Pitta, or Kapha:

This is an à-la-carte treatment that my be added to other treatments or packages; it cannot stand alone. Ayurvedic scalp treatment caters to all three Doshas and includes an herbal steaming for sinus cleansing. Vata hair tends to be frizzy, dry, curly, tangled and static. These conditions may be present throughout the hair or just at the ends. The vata scalp can be flaky, with dandruff, itchy and dry. People with Vata heads are; active, indecisive, scattered, imaginative, and creative. The predominant emotion is fear.

The Vata scalp treatment soothes these symptoms with herbal medicated powders added to warm ghee, milk and base oils such as sesame, sweet almond, avocado, and/or castor. This customized formula is then comfortingly massaged into the scalp and hair with a gentle motions. The hair is brushed and the head is wrapped in aromatic hot towels.

The Shirodhara treatment can be added to any scalp treatment for meditation purposes.

Pitta hair tends to be oily on top with frizzy or crisp ends. Early graying and hair loss are common in Pitta types. The hair is often flat and thin. The pitta scalp tends to be red, may have blemishes, excema, psoriasis, and may be itchy and sensitive. The mental energy of Pitta’s is; agitation, frustration, and always busy organizing and trying to control their thoughts. The predominant emotion confronting the mind is anger.

Ayurveda TreatmentsThe Pitta scalp treatment comforts these symptoms with a cooling herbal preparation of chilled coconut paste and/or organic natural yogurts. The powered herbs are then added to jasmine and sandalwood fragrant oils. Pittas love aromatics. These customized preparations are firmly massaged into the scalp and hair to stimulate hair growth, inspire forgiveness, and to promote tranquility. The hair is gently brushed and the head is firmly wrapped in cool aromatic towels.

This treatment is excellent for migraine and tension headaches, and for neck and shoulder pain. A cooling shower is recommended after this treatment Kaphas have lush, full, thick, wavy and slightly oil rich hair. The Kapha scalp is usually moist with full, strong healthy hair. The mental energy in Kapha heads is heavy, dull, and lethargic. The predominant emotion is depression.

The Kapha scalp treatment addresses these symptoms with stimulating and motivating herbal preparations in warmed hair oils (i.e. alma) with euphoric citrus aromas to entice energy and uplift the spirits. This restores the shine and movement to the hair. The scalp and hair are vigorously brushed and wrapped until cooled.

This treatment is recommended for preservation and maintenance. Aids in times of depression, lethargy, and boredom.

Ayurveda Health PackagesShirodhara:
Shirodhara is a “flowing stream” in Sanskrit. Floral waters, aromatic oils, and specific plant fibers are combined in a copper vase, warmed, then directed towards the third eye in the forehead. The elemental water is then allowed to slowly flow onto the marma located at the center of the forehead, lubricating the head.

This treatment is used to achieve a high state of tranquility; it is where true rejuvenation begins. Shirodhara is often used after any treatment or to specifically address headaches.

Herbal Steam Sinus Cleanse:

This is an à-la-carte service that must accompany another treatment. Medicinal herbs and essential oils (eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, spearmint, camphor and rosemary) are mixed in a hot water receptacle. The steam is inhaled while the back and chest are vigorously massaged with oriental ointments. This treatment aids in clearing congested nasal passages, expelling mucous and releasing blocked energy channels. It is good for relieving aches and pains and stimulating the mind.

The Herbal Steam Sinus cleanse is an added value to any service. 6 – 10 treatments are recommended for chronic sinus problems. Therapeutic medicated Nasya oils are available for personal administration.

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Ayurveda PackagesMother Earth Science:
This treatment is based on the wisdom of traditional food supplements such as ghee, butter, dairy, Soya and almond milk, wheat-grass juice, kelp, spirulina and yogurt. These motherly products are blended and applied directly to the entire body as a masque. Exfoliative movements are administered to invoke creativity, cleansing, releasing and awakening, through the skin. The skin, as the body’s largest organ is absorbent by nature. These ingredients nourish the skin, helping it eliminate, restore and rejuvenate.

As a mother nourishes her child, so our great Mother nourishes her children with an abundance of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. All of the Divine Mother’s gifts are given with every spoonful.

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Rice Readings:
This method of divination originates from the aboriginal shamans of Andrea's motherland in Uruguay. Rice grains absorb the electro-magnetic energy of the individual when held tightly in the hand. The grains are then cast revealing patterns that help diagnose your unique typology. From it, Andrea assesses body type, Chakra balance and predicts events and situations to come. Goddess tarot, inner vision and Ayurveda Wisdom are incorporated as well.

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Ayurveda Treatment PackagesYemaya Ocean Therapy:
Ocean Therapy has developed as a hybrid of traditional Ayurveda bodywork and the ancient philosophy of West Africa. By integrating these two systems we have created a powerful tool to allow you to enter the watery depths of emotion and experience deep connection and healing in the divine Mother's protective embrace.

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Neurotherapy (Nadi Vigyan):
Nadi Vigyan is a therapy which serves to stimulate and encourage the natural flow of energy, or Prana, throughout the body's energy channels. Andrea applies this as part of some of her treatments. To learn about neurotherapy visit the International Federation for Neurotherapy (IFN) website, or read this page devoted to explaining Nadi Vigyan.

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